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The Wilde Lillies

The Wilde Lillies is my private reader group on Facebook. Your membership guarantees sneak peeks, updates and all the latest news! Yes, you get the scoop before anyone else! I also host book discussions, ask for your help on upcoming book projects, and host giveaways! So why not stop by, meet me and become better acquainted with other Lilly Wilde fans! 


It's a great place to hang out!



My name is Jennifer and I'm a Wilde Lilly!

I am a total bookaholic! No, it's a serious problem lol. Being introduced to Lilly Wilde and the Untouched Series was one of the best things to happen to my book nerdy self. As an author and a person, she is absolutely phenomenal and I feel blessed every day to have her and her work in my life. Aiden and Aria 4Eva.


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