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Why choose love when control and success guarantee so much more?

Aria Cason's world doesn’t have room for romance. Every facet of her life is a carefully orchestrated event—even her sex life adheres to strict guidelines. That is, until a disarmingly handsome and cocky intern walks through her boardroom door.

Unlike the typical intern, Aiden Wyatt has a quiet confidence and commanding demeanor that take Aria aback. And while Aiden might not know his place, he soon proves he knows how to place himself—introducing Aria to levels of intimacy she has never before experienced.

When their sexual dalliance starts spinning out of her control, Aria realizes she must shut it down before Aiden unlocks emotions she vowed to never embrace. Otherwise, Aiden’s presence may force her to face past demons as she fights to keep the current ones at bay.

*The debut novel, Untouched, is Book One of The Untouched Series by Lilly Wilde.

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