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Life has a way of giving you exactly what you didn’t expect.

When I’m sidelined by Mama’s illness, time in Blue Ridge becomes more than medical visits and sitting bedside. It unveils secrets that leave me spiraling out of control. My only solace is the inexplicable connection I feel with single-mother Ragan Prescott, a woman I shouldn’t want.

I’ve somehow caught the eye of NFL’s Man on Fire Branch McGuire, and I now find myself in the center of a clique that shunned me in high school. Despite my caution, the attraction to someone like Branch is more than I can fight. Flashes of the life I escaped are pushed aside as I embrace the advances of a man most will only dream of.

It was supposed to end with one night.

When a small-town event leads to an intimate setting flooded with high-school behavior and booze, we make an agreement that opens more than just a bedroom door. Free of inhibitions and laced with desire, a drunken dare becomes an evening of seduction and lust.

But fate had other ideas.

Will our shattered beginnings serve as the precursor to an equally punishing future, or will we emerge renewed by the love of Salvaged Hearts?

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