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Ditching my billion-dollar lifestyle, moving to New York, and secretly shacking up with my boyfriend.
All to pursue a dream.
And all on my father’s dime.
At least for a year.
That was the deadline.
I had to prove myself. Be successful on the stage, or meekly return to the position my father has prepared for me in the family business. No way in hell! I would rather be out on the street. And still might be if fate catches up with me.

You could say I was "living the life." A loft on the Upper East Side, a career on the fast-track, and money in the bank. My playboy status was just icing on the cake.
Until Allison.
She’s free-spirited, challenging, and sexy as hell. The odds of catching a girl like her were stacked against me. And the chances of her falling in love with me—astronomical.
Allison is the one.
And I’m giving her all of me.
Everything except the secrets of my past—a past that can very well destroy us both.

I'm leaving Paris.
Chasing a dream.
One that means discarding my family, my country, and my home.
Foregoing it all to become one of the best.
To see my name in lights.
And I'm almost there...
Until the most exquisite distraction joins me on stage.

Everything changes for the threesome when Allison is seized by a verdict she can’t accept. Withdrawing from everything that gave her life meaning, she succumbs to a darkness that consumes her whole. And as she spirals deeper into the abyss, she fears no one can guide her back to the light.

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