To ALLISON RAINE, becoming a prima ballerina was nothing more than an illusion. But when the opportunity to realize her dream presents itself, she shuns the love and security of her billionaire family to obtain the one thing that fills her with purpose.


To her boyfriend WILLIAM HOLT, success and prestige are everything—more than family, more than friends, more than the misdeeds of a past he’s buried. But when it all comes back to haunt him, he finds himself scrambling to secure a life that’s become a tornado of lies, danger, and heartache.


To her colleague MAXIMUS DUBOIS, life is unfolding as he’d planned. He has everything he could ever hope for... except the girl he can’t get out of his head. Captivated by Allison’s talent and beauty, he’s determined to claim her as more than just a dance partner. But his pursuit comes to a screeching halt once she’s captured by a fate she hoped to escape.


Seized by a verdict she can’t accept, Allison withdraws from everyone and everything that once gave her life meaning, and then succumbs to a darkness that consumes her whole. As she spirals deeper into the abyss, will anyone be there to guide her back to the light?

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