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Most know me as Taylor Rose—author of romance we describe as contemporary. Some may even label it erotic because, hey, I’m a bit of a dirty girl, so no harm, no foul. You read my novels. You become a part of my book world. You follow me on social media—some to the point of stalking. But that’s okay, I ask for it, and I do enjoy a certain degree of attention. What author doesn’t? But this story isn’t about that part of my life.

It’s about my moonlighting as a “mature” college student. You’ve heard of us, right? The ones who didn’t get their shit together until the clock struck twelve? Well, that’s me. 

I suppose you’re asking, “What makes you so special?” Well, I’ll tell you. I’m not. I’m just another married college student with a kid, debt, and regret. But my lackadaisical approach has finally caught up with me. And since my world is divided into five parts–wife, mother, author, student, sales representative—I’ve half-assed them all. 

Which brings us to the problem: a monster psych assignment that counts as 50 percent of my final grade. And with my less than stellar GPA, this essay has to fucking rock! I’m a professional writer, so that should ensure it’s a fucking masterpiece. But I still need a topic. Something unexpected. Something compelling. Something so eye-bulging that it guarantees a near-perfect score. But what?

Well, that’s a no-brainer. Since writing romance is my forte, I decide on the topic: The Psychology of Modern Love in an Online World. Of course, the obvious sub-topic is porn, but nope, too risky. Social Media? Nope, too over it. Online dating? Nope, too married.

 Or am I?  

Turns out there’s a dating site for married folks as well. So why not? I’ll do a little research, interview a couple of guys, get some quotes, then write my essay. It’s harmless. I’m not doing anything wrong… at least that’s what I tell myself. But as you’ll soon discover, this project becomes a fight for my heart, and I’ll find myself scrambling to collect the pieces of myself I’d given away.

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